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Your resume is your first impression to a potential employer.

  • We edit your resume. Our graphic design expert redesigns your resume so it will have an attractive layout, font, and any other elements to make your resume stand out. Our resume expert selects the best aspects of your resume and crafts a more effective, well-organized, flawless resume that grabs the employer’s attention, uses active verbs, focuses on your results (not just experiences), and uses keywords that are easily found by search engines.
  • Our goal is NOT to overload the hiring manager with too much information because he/she may skip over your resume. Our goal is to tease the employer with the highlights, making him/her want to know more and call you for an interview.
  • If you make revisions to our edited version, you may submit your edited resume to us for an Additional Review. We will re-read your resume, make any additional edits and suggestions for improvement, and proofread for spelling/grammar mistakes. There is no limit to the number of Additional Reviews you can order.
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