Application Check

Application Check

  • 48-Hour Turnaround*
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Missing Information
  • Maximizing keywords
  • Improving Order of Activities, Honors, etc.
  • Not including short answers or essays
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Submit an error-free application that wows.

  • For students who have already completed their entire college/graduate school/scholarship application, we make sure you use wording that is impressive and makes you stand out. We also make sure you’re presenting yourself at your best by listing extracurricular activities, coursework, work experience, and honors that are relevant to your intended major or area of study and in effective order to maximize their impact.
  • Please understand we are not able to verify whether certain information you provide is correct, such as your SAT score (we are not in a position to find out) or the spelling of your parents’ names (we don’t know them).
  • We find spelling mistakes your word processing software’s spelling check program won’t catch (e.g. their vs. there, your vs. you’re, its vs. it’s). We find grammar mistakes your word processing software’s grammar check program won’t catch because it’s not advanced enough to figure out what you’re really trying to say.
  • Price is $49.99 per application, not including short answers or essays.
  • If you make revisions to our edited version, you may submit your edited application to us for an Additional Review. We will re-read your application, make any additional edits and suggestions for improvement, and proofread for spelling/grammar mistakes. There is no limit to the number of Additional Reviews you can order.
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*From the time payment is received. See FAQs for details.

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