1. How quickly can T.A.M. edit my documents?

We offer a 48-hour turnaround guarantee, from the time we receive your payment, for college/graduate school/scholarship applications and college/graduate school/scholarship application essays ONLY. In the rare event we do not meet this deadline, we will give you 50% off that specific service only. For all other documents, once we receive your order and before you pay, we will give you an estimated turnaround time that may be more or less than 48 hours but is not guaranteed.

2. Does T.A.M. offer discounts or sales?

Yes, we offer sales periodically and announce them on our website. You can be the first to learn about our sales by signing up for our electronic mailing list. We also offer discounts that we announce exclusively on Twitter or Facebook. So follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook to get your special discount codes.

3. Will you write my college/graduate school/scholarship application essay(s) or school assignments for me?

We will not write your essay or school assignment for you because submitting an essay or school assignment written by us would be plagiarism. We also will not fill out your application for you. That’s your job. Our job is to catch any errors you might have made and fix them. Moreover, we are not able to check if an essay you submit to us has been plagiarized and we do not accept responsibility for any consequences that might arise from your submitting a plagiarized essay or other assignment to a college or any other institution.

4. If I write like a “C” student, will you elevate my writing to make me sound like an “A” student?

In editing your essay, we will take into account your unique writing style: We don’t want to change your writing style to something it’s not and we don’t want to change your skill level. In other words, if your writing is like that of a “C” student, so to speak, we will not elevate it to that of an “A” student because college/graduate school admissions officers can see right through that when they compare your essay to your grades, SAT scores, etc. That kind of inconsistency would be dishonest and likely hurt your chances of getting accepted to that college. However, we will polish your essay and offer suggestions to stimulate your creative thinking so you can improve your essay using your unique style and skill level.

5. Will you fact-check my application?

No. We do not have the resources to check the accuracy of statements made on your college/graduate school/scholarship application. We will not verify your SAT score, contact information, high-school courses you took, statements you make in an essay, or any other information in your application. We focus on the writing only: grammar, spelling, style, creativity.

6. Will you accept hand-written documents?

We prefer typed documents. In certain cases, we may accept hand-written documents and we may charge an extra fee for the time it takes to retype the entire document.

7. Do you edit documents that include languages other than English?

We use standard, modern English. If you write any portion of your college application essay or other document in any other language or variation — whether it’s Shakespearean English, French, or Chinese — we cannot edit those portions and must simply leave such writing as is. However, we will edit the standard, modern English portions of your application.

8. Do you offer a payment plan?

We do not offer any payment plans. You must pay in full before we can complete our services for you.

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